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Who are we?

Lady N. Jewelry is an independent, contemporary accessories label based in Singapore. We design, produced and selectively curate modern, minimal pieces with a romantic flair for the refined, stylish and modest woman. Our accessories, especially brooches and long necklaces, are designed and carefully picked with our high standards in terms of affordability, quality, functionality and aesthetics.

Home Accessories

Monochrome Collection

Silhouette Collection

Petite Collection

Parisian Pearls


Tie the Knot

Clover Collection

Rhythm of Nature

Basic Essentials

Gifting Sets


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More news

I've been using your brooches and to be frank, only from your brand. Even my kid's childcare teacher asked "Is your brooch from LadyN?" I hope I can share your good product with others. I love it cos it's simple, minimalist but is so pretty!

- Salizah @acasalizah

LadyN brooches are timeless, minimalist design, unique and best of all, very good quality. They are my go-to accessories store for the perfect gifts too!

- Faizah

The Perfect Gift Bundle

Looking for something for someone special? This gift set is a perfect idea to brighten one's day.

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Our first snagless magnet brooch